Creamy Cold-Brewed Cacao Tea


If you love chocolate consuming it in tea form takes it to a whole new level! This delicious cold-brewed chocolate turned elixir is nothing short of magic. You not only receive a potential increase in serotonin levels that are beneficial in improving your mood, you also receive some of it’s flavonoid benefits that help protect blood vessel linings that can also help prevent high blood pressure. Cacao is also high in magnesium which needed in over 325 enzymatic processes within the body.

Cacao beans come with far less caffeine than coffee beans, so this tea offers a slighty-buzzy (but not too much) array of complex flavors that slide down your throat with heavenly ease.  It’s hands down a cool summer treat well worth it’s brew time. Enjoy!


The Goods:

The Magic:

STEP 1: With a mortar and pestle or spice grinder, slightly grind cacao nibs. The texture should be fine, but not powdery.

STEP 2: Place the slightly ground nibs in a nut milk bag. Place the bag in a pitcher and pour water over the nibs. It will slowly starts to fill the pitcher. Cinch the bag, cover the pitcher and let it brew for 16 hours at room temperature. After the brewing period, remove the nut-milk bag and squeeze out all remaining water. Serve over ice and enjoy plain or with your favorite milk.

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