Photo by Joshua Payne


Hi, I’m Fran! My interest in discovering ways to experience a meaningful and nourished life is what inspired the creation of Simply Mindful. As a little girl I was introduced to the importance of mental and emotional health when I began struggling in school. My learning style was not supported by the education system at the time, sending me into a spiral of self-esteem difficulties. Luckily, with the support of family and their proactive approach at my young age, I was introduced to the importance of state of mind and its impact on personal growth and development. This realization piqued an interest in developing a more holistic understanding of health and wellness encompassing the body and spirit as well.

As life became busy and somewhat overwhelming, I purposefully began finding ways to slow down with a practice of bringing my attention to the here and now. It began in my kitchen as I started taking time to prepare healthy meals. The process of transforming fresh, whole foods into delicious ways to nourish the body is something I really enjoy. My childhood fascination with baking cakes in my Easy Bake Oven with a light bulb sparked my interest in food that transpired into a 15+ year educational endeavor. I gained a functional understanding of the mind/body and how nutritionally dense foods affect mood, energy, and overall health in profound ways.

I received my undergraduate degree in Health Promotion and Behavior from the University of Georgia, became a Certified Holistic Health Counselor (CHHC) from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition & Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York City in 2006-2007. And in 2011, I embarked upon a Culinary Instructor certification at the Living Light Culinary Institute in Northern California. I currently enjoy continuing my training and education in health and mindfulness practices.

Combining these interests has enabled me to bring a certain type of attention into my daily activities. Whether it’s by slowing down to taste my food, taking a moment to appreciate my surroundings, or to simply sit in silence.  These simple practices with regular attention began affecting my overall health and happiness in tremendous ways.

My path in health promotion, behavior, food and nutrition, has helped me understand how mental, physical and spiritual health greatly impact the quality of my relationships and feelings of connectedness with everything else. This platform is a space to share ways of bringing more attention and intention into daily life. I hope you enjoy!

For questions please contact Fran.