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Nourishment is the magic that connects us
to ourselves, each other, and the planet

What is nourishment?

Nourishment isn’t only what your mouth tastes. It is also what your eyes see, nose smells, ears hear, skin feels, and mind thinks. It is mental, physical, and emotional.

Bringing attention and intention to how we nourish our bodies, minds, and hearts is key to feeding our spirit, culture, and communities. When we are completely nourished, we can feel it. We are our vibrant, truest selves.

The Simply Mindful nourishment philosophy

Simply Mindful is about Tending to the Roots of Connection. It is the essence of who we are in relationship to all of life. When we connect with our body, mind, and spirit, we can connect with others and the world around us more deeply. And that is what nourishes us in meaningful ways.

In addition to the food that sustains us, an essential hunger in all of humanity is connection—which is also a form of nourishment, for our minds and hearts.

Simply Mindful helps people rediscover simple, effective ways of nourishing the “wholeness” of who they are so that they can develop their full human potential. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and we treat every person as the unique individual they are.

The nourishment process

The nourishment process begins with establishing simple practices of cultivating awareness of the inherent qualities that already exist within us. When this awareness is consistently practiced, we begin to develop a clearer sense of guidance from within.

Following and trusting our intuition and developing self-awareness are foundational components of experiencing a nourished life. This new presence of mind then uncovers the connection to all that is working in our favor, inside ourselves and out in the world.

It starts with food, but goes far beyond

Food is just one form of nourishment, but it is a crucial one. The quality and diversity of the food we ingest affects every aspect of our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

When it comes to nourishing yourself with food, deriving pleasure and nutrition from meals increases the quality of our attention to any moment. It’s the art of paying attention with openness and curiosity that allows us to connect with ourselves and others in powerful ways.

But don’t forget that our bodies are dynamic, integrated systems. How we nourish our thoughts, emotions, environment, and the way we move also impact our health and quality of life in profound ways.

“What we eat does more than just fill our stomachs and nourish our bodies; good food lifts our spirits and helps us understand the world a little better.”

– Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia

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