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Connecting You to Lifelong Well-being

Everyone deserves to experience true health and well-being. A state of existence where our bodies and minds are nourished and calm. Where we feel tuned into our physical environments, and the natural world around us comes alive.

But modern life is flooded with distractions, countless responsibilities, stress, and not enough time. Is achieving true health and well-being really even possible?

As a Certified Health and Integrative Nutrition Counselor for over 20 years, I can tell you that it absolutely is. But the answer is not more diets, rigid exercise routines, or other deprivation fads.

I believe longterm peace of mind and optimal wellness is rooted in two foundational principles:

  1. A balanced gut microbiome— Our gut is the largest immune organ of the body. When this internal ecosystem of trillions of crucial bacteria gets out of balance—due to factors like quality of sleep, nutrition, physical activity, stress levels, and the overuse of antibiotics —it can wreak havoc on every aspect of our health. Immunity, mood, energy, inflammation, and metabolism are all affected.
  2. Simple, small practices that we employ daily— Choosing a set of simple, easy-to-implement practices to use daily to restore and replenish while building long-term, vital health to improve overall quality of life.

By focusing solely on these two proven methods, I help my clients chart their path to the quality of life and well-being they desire. Learn more through these FAQs.

When you partner with me,
I’ll help you:

  • Learn simple ways to create and sustain your life-long health, without stress and overwhelm
  • Understand the crucial role your own unique gut microbiome plays in your health
  • Cultivate a connection to this internal ecosystem through food and lifestyle practices that replenish—not deplete—your body,  mind, and spirit
  • Connect your body and mind with your physical environment to feel more grounded and fulfilled
  • Feel supported throughout the process by learning, discovering, and implementing mindful choices tailored to your unique needs and desires

Are we the right fit? Please answer these general questions.

Initial 90-Min Comprehensive Well-being Consultation
$225 USD

In our first meeting together, we will accomplish three things:

  1. Review your current lifestyle habits, patterns, and ways of eating and living
  2. Discuss the specific ways in which they may be impacting your gut microbiome— the “hub” of your health
  3. Prioritize the areas in most need of support—nutrition, exercise, stress management, etc.—to determine your starting point and craft your wellness plan

Support Programs

Based on the findings in our initial consultation, I will
recommend the support program that best suits your
specific goals and objectives:

  • 1-MONTH (3) 50 min One-on-One Sessions $150/session)  $450 USD
  • 3-MONTH (6) 50 min One-on-One Sessions $125/session) $750 USD

50-minute Follow-up Sessions
$125 USD

You can book individual follow-up sessions with me at any time after your initial well-being consultation.

These sessions are perfect if you have more comprehensive questions, or if you want to discuss lifestyle planning goals that fall outside of the scope of the support programs listed above. Follow-ups are a great way to review progress, get your in-depth questions answered, or make adjustments to your course of action.

Ready to get started on your journey
to wellness?

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