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World Gratitude Day

A catalyst for connection and effective change Today is World Gratitude Day! It’s also the official change in seasons as we move into the season of abundance as Fall Equinox begins tomorrow. With that said, I’m honoring the harvest of goals and intentions I planted almost a year ago when …

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To Grow Love: A Manifesto

The Heart of the Garden The growth process isn’t easy – it’s pretty uncomfortable. Yet, I find solace in my garden as I observe nature’s calming and straightforward process. Thich Nhat Hahn reminds us in Mindfulness In the Garden: Tools for Digging in the Dirt by Zachiah Murray, that the things …

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A Body+Mind Rx

Nourishing the Core of Our Being. The best wellness encyclopedia that has all the complete information, wisdom, and power, well, it’s within you! Your body holds an innate intelligence and understanding that only you can access. The path to connecting with this intelligence is not always clear, and often we …

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Self-Acceptance through Loving-Kindness

  “I can’t overestimate the importance of accepting ourselves exactly as we are right now, not as we wish we were or think we ought to be.”  ~Pema Chödrön We’re officially in a new decade, which is exciting! And with that newness of a clean slate comes a lot of …

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Hold Your Thoughts Lightly

Don’t Believe Everything You Think We are not our thoughts. When I first heard the words, it was a profound statement that unhooked me from the busyness of my crazy-making mind. I associated my weird thoughts with my identity, so imagine what a relief it was to have this shift …

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